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Mission Statement and Plan

The center's mission is to (1) represent the cultural diversity found in and around New York by showcasing a wide range of musical performance genres (independently or in combination with theatrical and other performance arts), (2) build relationships with community groups to encourage/facilitate their participation in these programs, and (3) present a diverse range of performers from both inside and outside of the New York area, including international artists.  We hope to provide a space where people can experience and learn from expressive art forms that may be unfamiliar to them, promoting inter-cultural understanding and sensitivity.  We look forward to the venue becoming a place where people can share ideas, and even blend or adapt some of what they've experienced there into their own artistic visions.  We are also hoping to engage our “concert” audiences with participatory activities such as dance instruction.  Consistent with these aims is an outreach strategy that will draw upon a wide and diverse target audience by including several different music genres in each program.  This approach was evident in our opening "concert," where we featured Irish and Latin music, danceable blues/jazz, and a popular, contemporary "string brass punk ragtime" band from Brooklyn.  We envision each event as a kind of mini-festival in a two to three hour time frame. 


Big Road in Chelsea is a not-for-profit venture, and will maintain a low cost for attendees in order to maximize affordability (and thereby make it attractive to a larger potential audience).  This is made possible by the 300-person capacity of the hall, and a low overhead (basically at “cost”), so most of the gate will go to the musicians.  

Our initial plan is to start with bi-monthly performances to build awareness of--and support for--our project throughout the city and its surrounding areas.  It is hoped that we can gradually progress to having more frequent events if the project proves successful.  We look forward to the time when talented artists of diverse cultural backgrounds will seek out our venue as a performance space in order to gain exposure both within and beyond their home communities.  As much as it is our goal to be a center for artists of diverse cultural communities, we also want to function as a harmonious "community of artists." 

Big Road in Chelsea recognizes that every community in the culturally diverse city of New York possesses a rich and distinctive musical tradition that typically finds expression in local community centers, houses of worship, backyards, living rooms, parks and on the very streets of the city.  The performers are community members who may perform recreationally, at religious services, and/or professionally—or in any combination of these contexts.  Big Road in Chelsea has been established with the goal of providing a venue where these distinct communities—including performers and listener-participants alike—can come together to share with each other the collective multicultural abundance that is unique to our global crossroads.  A large hall and volunteer staff facilitates a policy whereby only a modest contribution is requested—but no one will be turned away for lack of funds--and artists are able to receive fair compensation.  

Artists from all acoustic and low-to-moderately amplified musical genres are encouraged to contact Big Road in Chelsea about appearing.